CRE New York
Rolling Out Late 2021

A call to action to end the social inequity in healthcare solutions for vulnerable children in America.


The Foundation will continue to maintain its global outreach to the degree possible considering the unprecedented challenges brought on by the COVID-19 Pandemic. At the same time, in response to a call to action to help vulnerable children and end social inequity in America, GCF and its partners are developing the 1 TO 1 MILLION campaign in New York City beginning in late 2021. 

This initial NYC based focus will address the needs of at-risk children and will showcase the Children’s Resource Exchange (CRE) minimum viable product (MVP) at work. This pilot program will serve as a proof of concept for both the platform and the database/data gathering system that will validate our model and help enable us to bring the CRE to scale. In order to demonstrate the reach of the connected platform, GCF is teamed up with strategic Partners in Healing who play an instrumental role in providing full circle access for children in need. 


Based on more than two decades of frontline experience employing the CRE case-by-case model, an ongoing collaboration with global partners/ NGOs, hospitals and New York City healthcare systems, social welfare professionals, and our team at Microsoft, GCF is uniquely positioned to help systematize pediatric healthcare resources. The insights gained from 1 TO 1 MILLION will validate that the database’s structural relationships are accurate and all data is properly linked/related inside the CRM, supporting the CRE’s ability to scale. The feedback from 1 TO 1 MILLION will help to provide the underpinning for the further development of the technology. The CRE platform may benefit any child from any background living anywhere in the world.