“This program is a beacon for any child, of any
background living anywhere in the world.”


Grace Children’s Foundation and Partners in Healing

The goal of the 1 TO 1 MILLION campaign is to coordinate pro bono care for children in the United States and around the globe who are suffering from debilitating but treatable diseases, medical conditions, traumatic injuries and congenital birth anomalies and match them with pediatric subspecialties.

The campaign will coordinate care for children in need with healthcare providers, hospitals, mission trips, clinical trials and connect them to life saving, cutting-edge treatments. As the primary users, healthcare providers will have access to the data from these cases that will further inform the technical architecture and user-experience of the platform. They will be able to safely share information and enable coordination with other physicians/providers, nonprofits/NGOs, academic institutions, intergovernmental organizations, the private sector and through emerging technologies. The CRE portal will be the source destination for healthcare providers globally—dedicated to the children who wait.

These children are sending a message to all of us who are enduring the COVID-19 virus with a special thanks to the doctors, nurses, hospital staff and all of those on the frontlines. The song represents hope in a time of hardship and despair. Sung in English, French, Mandarin, Spanish and Arabic, these are the 5 languages that will provide accelerated access to coordinated care through the Children’s Resource Exchange digital platform.