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The Critical Problem

Millions of children globally are suffering because they have little or no access to vital pediatric healthcare resources or continuous care. The medicine and technology are available but there has been no socially impactful initiative to systematize and coordinate these resources…until now.

We have a solution.

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Since 1997, the Grace Children’s Foundation (GCF) has been connecting children in need to pro bono and subsidized medical care and essential nonclinical resources through its case-by-case model. Confronting the critical problem for millions of children globally who have little or no access to medical resources or continuous care, GCF has recently partnered with innovators at Microsoft to evolve the existing model into the Children’s Resource Exchange (CRE)—the single portal that will help save the lives of children worldwide. Combining human conscientiousness with technology, the CRE will accelerate access and delivery of vital healthcare resources through a digital platform, leveraging its network of care, expertise and funding—scaling the solution to the magnitude of the problem.

Now more than ever, the disconnection between people and lifesaving resources and the urgent need for reliable information and systematic collaboration is front and center. In support of those on the frontlines of medicine and to exponentially increase the number of vulnerable children served, the Grace Children’s Foundation is leveraging the CRE model to launch


The goal of the campaign is to coordinate pro bono care for children in the United States and around the globe who are suffering from debilitating but treatable diseases, medical conditions, traumatic injuries and congenital birth anomalies and match them with pediatric subspecialties.


Yes. We Can.

Thanks to your support we have been able to connect children from North and South America, Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, Europe and, most recently, the Middle East to vital pediatric healthcare resources necessary for their wellbeing.

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