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2020 Microsoft Hack For Good

During the Microsoft 2020 Hack for Good, Grace Children’s Foundation took the Children’s Resource Exchange (CRE) into a digital life that will, upon activation, immediately benefit children who are suffering. In the words of Microsoft Advisory Board Member Claire Sission, “Prior years we’ve focused on the front end, this year we’re focusing on the back end. As I like to say, this year we’ve popped the hood of the car and we have the engine humming”.

Though the 2020 Hack for Good was completely remote this year, our team of innovators at Microsoft stepped up to the plate and continued to work tirelessly towards creating the technology that will accelerate access and delivery of vital pediatric healthcare resources worldwide. Through the technology that began development during the Hackathon, automated processes will be able to analyze the needs of​ the children as case information within the ​CRE​ increases,​ aiding physicians in diagnostics and treatments, and recommend the most appropriate resources for their care, leading to improved outcomes. The team at GCF is grateful to each and every one of our Microsoft innovators for stepping up without skipping a beat. 

As a result of the momentum created through our combined efforts at the Hack, GCF has been honored with a $10,000 grant from the Federico Gomez Suarez Memorial Award (FGS), “in the spirit of accelerating the groundbreaking work that we began with Federico and that we continue today on behalf of the children who wait”- David Hsiao. Imagine what the planet will look like when we have the CRE up and running, when no child will be left without options, when no child will ever walk alone—thanks to all who are dedicated to the children who wait. 

This one’s for you, Federico. Onward Angel.


GCF’S Response To COVID-19

For the past two decades, the Grace Children’s Foundation (GCF) has been coordinating complex medical care and ancillary resources through its Children’s Resource Exchange (CRE)


October Giving Month Event

Federico Gomez Suarez (CRE Project Manager), Principal Program Manager, Microsoft David Hsiao, Engineering Program Manager, Microsoft Catherine Bassova, UX Designer, Microsoft Judit Velcsov, Supportability Program Manager,


Microsoft Hackathon 2018

Accelerating Access And Delivery Of Pediatric Healthcare Since 1997 the Grace Children’s Foundation has been working through its Children’s Resource Exchange (CRE) healthcare model with


HSBC New York Honors GCF

The Grace Children’s Foundation (GCF) thanks HSBC bank for featuring us in the advertising campaign that just launched for their HSBC Fusion service, which allows small business owners