Grace Children’s


Alicia Shamji

Executive Assistant to the CEO

Alicia is the Executive Assistant to CEO, Nancy Robertson, where she works on day to day operations as well as the development of the Children’s Resource Exchange (CRE), a digital platform that will help save the lives of children worldwide. Having grown up in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Alicia is passionate about GCF’s current initiative of using the CRE model to help transform the distribution of healthcare to reach those who need it, no matter the distance.

Alicia received her B.S and B.A in Health Sciences and Psychology from Boston University and embarked on Master’s in Business Management as a way to learn more about the bridge between life changing innovations and their real world applications. She is honored and thrilled to be part of the Grace Children’s Foundation family, and looks forward to helping and learning from the entire team in order to provide children with the essential care that they need. She is passionate about increasing the inclusion and accessibility of healthcare to susceptible populations, and is so excited to be part of a technology that will revolutionize how children, both in the United States and globally will receive care.

She looks forward to supporting a team that transforms the lives of one of the most vulnerable populations on a global scale and joins the GCF team with great passion and vigor to further develop the Children’s Resource Exchange. She is proud to be a member of the Grace Children’s Foundation with the goal of scaling the solution to the magnitude of the problem so that one day every child will receive the care that they need.