Grace Children’s


Amy Galm

Executive Director CAPPSKIDS

Amy Galm made her leap into medical advocacy and support when her third child was born with Craniosynostosis in the year 2000.

In 2002 she took on a volunteer position at a small non-profit organization called Craniosynostosis and Positional Plagiocephaly Support (CAPPS).  In 2006 she was moved to the position of Executive Director of CAPPSKIDS and has since assisted several thousands of families with treatment options for their child’s rare diagnosis. Amy has assisted and co-authored the largest craniosynostosis genetic study to date.

Amy has had opportunity to collaborate with Nancy Robertson and the Grace Children’s Foundation (GCF) and TGCF’s Children’s Resource Exchange (CRE) manual network, caring for children from all over the world, those who are unable to access the vital resources necessary for their survival. During this time it became apparent that there was a massive gap in connecting the resources available and to those in need. Amy continues to assist families world wide and looks forward to utilizing her skills and the this revolutionary technology in her role as Director of Medical Resources for the Children’s Resource Exchange. The CRE will advance the way that these essential resources are utilized.  With this world changing technology we can now seamlessly connect any child, in any part of the world to the life saving resources that are already available.