Grace Children’s


Catherine Bassova

Advisor, GCF’s Children’s Resource Exchange

Catherine has over 20 years of UX design experience and has been with Microsoft for 5 years, working with Skype and Skype for Business groups. Last 2 years she’s been working with Microsoft Teams group on various UX design initiatives. She has a broad industry design experience including mobile (spent 3 years working for T-Mobile design group), health, education, and finance.

Catherine first met Nancy Robertson in preparation for the Microsoft Hackathon in 2017. She was deeply touched by the incredible work the Grace Children’s Foundation (GCF) has been carrying for the last 20 years, and decided to volunteer her time leading the user experience design of GCF’s Children’s Resource Exchange (CRE) – digital platform bringing life-saving resources to children in need of critical healthcare as well as connecting healthcare and humanitarian professionals across the world.

Catherine is thankful for the opportunity to use her expertise in order to make a real impact on lives and well-being of children in need. She is looking forward to the on-going collaboration with GCF leading to the release of the CRE product.