Grace Children’s


Claire Sisson

Advisor, GCF’s Children’s Resource Exchange

Claire has a multicultural background, and both lived and worked in many countries across continents. She has been working in the tech industry over the past 10 years starting with the Microsoft US Dynamics CRM team in 2008. In 2012, she joined Starbucks and lead the Global Tech Services Business & Operation organization. In 2014, Claire returned to Microsoft working on User Experience Services and is currently a Product Manager and Program Manager for the Microsoft Office Product team.

Passionate about helping everyone be their successful self, Claire especially focuses on bringing education and resources to youth and children in need at home in the US as well as Globally. In 2017 she was part of a Microsoft effort to help refugees in camp and helped Seattle local youth through Seattle Education Access. Claire participated to the Hack for Good project run by Microsoft as a volunteer supporting the Grace Children’s Foundation (GCF) in the development of GCF’s Children’s Resource Exchange (CRE) digital platform, accelerating the access and delivery of life-saving healthcare resources for children and streamlining peer-to-peer communications in the medical and humanitarian communities. Claire met Nancy Robertson, Christian Hakim as well as Molly Campbell during this hackathon and was immediately inspired by their work and the vision that Nancy champions. The Grace Children’s Foundation (GCF) has created a truly innovative approach to helping children in need globally. Claire is honored to help the Grace Children’s Foundation (GCF) develop the Children’s Resource Exchange as a cutting-edge platform to deliver emergency and sustained resources to those in need.