Grace Children’s


David Hsiao

Engineering Program Manager, Microsoft

David is an Engineering Program Manager at Microsoft with great passion in empowering people through connecting application services to create value for the users. Prior to joining Microsoft, he spent several years as a technology consultant and co-founded a start-up company.

In 2018, David joined the CRE team through Microsoft’s “Hack for Good” hackathon initiative. After meeting with Nancy, Brooks and the staff from the Grace Children’s Foundation (GCF) during the Hackathon event, their passions reaffirmed his decision to commit and help the GCF through this effort of building CRE. Over the years, David has continued to support the CRE initiative with the team across Microsoft and GCF and stepped up to fill in the gaps where needed. In David’s own words:

“I’m honored to serve on the Grace Children’s Foundation Board of Directors, and to drive the CRE initiative forward, in the memory of Federico and the children who wait.”