Grace Children’s


Lee Daniels

Financial Journalist/Author

Lee’s interest in joining the Grace Children’s Foundation (GCF) is to assist in a research and editorial capacity to accelerate access to vital pediatric healthcare resources for children in need globally through GCF’s Children’s Resource Exchange (CRE) . His commitment stems from Lee’s experience working in rural villages in Togo, West Africa, where he witnessed poor sanitation conditions, lack of potable water during the dry seasons, malnutrition, and diseases such as malaria and dysentery that go largely untreated, impacting the health and longevity of its inhabitant as well as child mortality rates.

Having also traveled and lived in places such as Nepal, Bangladesh, India, and Haiti, Lee also witnessed conditions similar to the above, children living with little or no access to medical care, exacerbated by the lack of proper medical facilities in rural areas (N.B., since he left the village he lived in in Togo, Elavagnon, in 1990, a District Hospital was built there from grants received, in which a new surgical unit was recently added).

Ultimately, Lee believes that all citizens of both developing and developed countries—and particularly children—deserve to receive proper and affordable medical care. Unfortunately, as this is not the case, Lee is grateful to be part of an organization like Grace Children’s Foundation whose mission is to coordinate care for children with complex medical conditions, connecting these children in need with people and organizations ready to help.