Grace Children’s


Emma Kantor

Executive Assistant To CEO

Emma is the Executive Assistant to CEO, Nancy Robertson, where she works on day to day operations as well as the further development of the Children’s Resource Exchange (CRE), a digital platform that will help save the lives of children worldwide. Having grown up in NYC, Emma is passionate about GCF’s current initiative of using the CRE model to help underserved children living in NYC during the time of the pandemic.

Emma received her B.A. from The University of Southern California, where she studied Communication and Dramatic Arts. She is truly thrilled to join the team, as the GCF has always held a special place in her heart growing up. For a few years, a young girl from China, Chunlan, who needed a special surgery in New York lived with Emma’s family and immediately became an “honorary sister” to Emma. Chunlan returned to China where she now has her own family, but the two stay in touch through technology and an unbreakable bond.

She joins the GCF team with great passion and vigor to further develop the CRE as a tool to help bring about imperative change in the fractured healthcare system in America. She is driven by the GCF’s mission of combining human conscientiousness with technology to accelerate access and delivery of vital healthcare resources for children in need.