Grace Children’s


Judit Velcsov

Senior Program Manager, XBOX

Trust and Safety, Microsoft

Judit has been with Microsoft for 10 years, starting with the Windows Mobile team in 2007. In 2011, she joined the Online Safety team as a Supportability Program Manager. She worked with multiple Microsoft product groups like Bing, Xbox, Outlook, Universal Store building tools and strategies around Online Safety.

Judit is passionate about helping children to reach their full potential. She has participated in two Hackathon projects run by Microsoft, the first as a volunteer with Thorn, a non-profit organization working across sectors to stand up to child predators and help children who are sex-trafficking victims; and the second supporting the Grace Children’s Foundation (TGCF) in the development of GCF’s Children’s Resource Exchange (CRE) digital platform, accelerating the access and delivery of life-saving healthcare resources for children and streamlining peer-to-peer communications in the medical and humanitarian communities. Both Hackathon projects won Microsoft leadership awards. Through this work, Judit has extended an extra layer of care assisting children in need globally.

Judit has also participated in projects and Hackathons that help elder citizens recognize tech scams, phishing, spam and other tech-related challenges. She drove the project in Bing to help with editorial messaging to surface legitimate technical companies on the top of the page results.

Judit is deeply involved with Microsoft Philanthropies, where she has led the Benevity Giving campaign for three consecutive years. She also leads numerous non-profit boards, giving back to local and international communities. Judit is honored to work with GCF on the life-changing CRE product.