Grace Children’s


Lyudmila (Lucy) Veleva

Program Manager And Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Consultant

Lucy has been working at Microsoft since 2011 as a Program Manager and search engine marketing (SEM) consultant. She has held multiple positions in Bing, AI+R, Windows and Sales. Since 2014, Lucy is has been a Supportability Program Manager in Online Safety with strong emphasis on CSAM content moderation and customer protection; as well as a Social Media Lead, developing and overseeing educational campaigns on all Microsoft Safer Online channels.

Lucy has always been invested in helping and protecting the most vulnerable among us. She has participated in two Microsoft Hackathons who strive to help children and women in need: the first one – Microsoft //Hack One Week with project “REACH OUT” focused on disruption and deterrence of sex trafficking supply and demand – won 4 awards: Hack for Good 1st place, Science Fair winner, Most Voted NGO project and Most Creative. The second hack was “Connecting Children to Life-Saving Resources” by Grace Children’s Foundation which won numerous awards as well as the attention of Microsoft CVPs.

Lucy has been deeply involved in creating educational campaigns and technical solutions around suicide prevention, cyber bullying, non-consensual pornography, human trafficking, etc. She is a member of the Council for Digital Good and partners with Zero Bullying, ANTI-PIRACY, STOP.THINK.CONNECT. among many other organizations to bring awareness and find solutions to these ever-growing issues.

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” Lucy works tirelessly to ensure a brighter future tomorrow, because every child deserves a chance to live a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.