Grace Children’s


Mike McCarter

Principal Group Program Manager, Microsoft

Mike McCarter has worked for nearly 25 years in the technology industry, with the last 10 years of it having been spent at Microsoft building a range of products and operational services. Mike holds a Masters in Technology Management from the University of Washington and currently serves as a Principal Group Program Manager in Microsoft’s Security division where he combines leadership and creativity to detect and remediate security and compliance risks. Mike has also previously built products in the online safety and human trafficking domains and has spent the last 6 years working closely with nonprofits through Microsoft’s Hack For Good community.

It was through this nonprofit work that Mike first met the late Federico Gomez Suarez, a man who dedicated his life to helping children in need by applying his remarkable skills with seemingly boundless energy. Federico inspired everyone around him, and Mike was no exception. In 2017, Federico introduced Nancy to Mike, and the three of them spoke about the Children’s Resource Exchange (CRE). From that moment forward, Mike became a vocal advocate of the CRE concept. In the summer of 2020, Mike began to play a more active role in CRE’s success, stepping in to fill gaps and solve problems, with the goal of helping the Grace Children’s Foundation deliver against the vision that Nancy and Federico had embarked upon in 2017. In Mike’s own words;

“I am honored to serve on the Grace Children’s Foundation Board of Directors and to support CRE team in whatever manner is needed. My efforts are dedicated to the memory of my friend and colleague, Federico, and to the children he served. May his soul rest in peace.”