Grace Children’s


Renata Kruk

Operations, Business Management and Logistics

Renata Kruk is a devoted mother of twins, philanthropist, entrepreneur and business manager. She is currently the Director of Real Estate Development where she leads direct investment decisions and portfolio management in the luxury rental market in California. Previously Renata has spent 17 years in healthcare management. Renata received her MBA and undergraduate degrees from Pepperdine University.

Renata immigrated to Los Angeles from Odessa, Ukraine when she was ten years old. She quickly assimilated, picked up a new language and became an active member of her community. When the War in Ukraine began, Renata was called to action by a dear friend. She became an active volunteer, fund raiser and a donor. Initial efforts were focused on helping people escape from the conflict zone. Through extensive personal connections as well as networks in the Chabad organization, she assisted people needing resources to evacuate the country. She helped to shelter those who were in harm’s way and assisted families with housing and relocation in Poland. Her efforts shifted into seeking supplies, leveraging her network and creating a grassroots effort to support direct aid.

Renata has traveled to Poland to help with translation for the medical teams, such as International Medical Relief, while also focusing on supply chain logistics of the frontline. Observing the atrocities of war in her birth country against innocent children deepened her commitment to service. Assisting dedicated and selfless teams of medical professionals, who have chosen to continue to return to Ukraine throughout the war, to operate on kids, Renata has had some challenging and life altering experiences, further fortifying her dedication. “No child in peace or in war should experience such trauma and devastation.” She hopes that her direct involvement can provide even one more child with needed medical care and hope for a new healthy life in a safe home.