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Sean Bacchus

CEO And Founder Of The Executive Diversity Inclusive Council INC

Sean Bacchus spent the last twenty three years in banking where he has held multiple roles as a Business Area Manager and Retail District Manager for JPMorgan Chase. Sean joined HSBC  in 2016 as a Team Leader for Retail Business Banking. During his three years at HSBC Sean also took the lead in establishing HSBC Caribbean Employee Resource Group, as secretary of the Manhattan Chambers Executive Board and winner of HSBC Retail Bank Wealth Management Circle of Excellence. Sean went on to represent HSBC in many of their Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives.

Based on his experience with HSBC, and what turned out to be a timely decision in 2019, Sean and a few like minded colleagues launched the Executive Diversity Inclusive Council (EDIC), a New York based non-profit organization addressing the pressing needs for inclusion, equity and diversity in the corporate and municipals sectors. As CEO of EDIC INC Sean will work with institutions to develop and implement programs and behaviors to increase overall diversity, equity and inclusion data.

Sean is passionate about helping people, giving back to his community and staying busy raising his two adorable boys. For these reasons, Sean is honored to serve on the board of trustees for the Grace Children’s Foundation (GCF), an organization that fulfills Sean’s values and passion to give back to the global community through their work and plans for GCF’S Children’s Resource Exchange (CRE). In his spare time, Sean enjoys grilling, supporting his football Giants, Knicks, Yankees and spending valuable away time with his family.