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Stanley John

Partner/Global Business Development MAT, Inc.

Stanley John was born in Mumbai, India and immigrated to the US as a child, growing up in the suburbs of Chicago. As an undergraduate, he attended Purdue University, earning his BS in Industrial Engineering. He subsequently attended Northwestern University for his MS in telecommunications. Stan has worked in the wireless telecom sector for nearly two decades in a variety of roles, starting as a technical consultant and moving on to project manager and sales director. He is now a partner for a technology startup, responsible for growth and business strategy. Having done technical consulting for first and second generation wireless networks, he’s been involved in systems level design of mobile networks with corresponding testing and optimization, evolving to business development for third and fourth generation networks. Stan has a comprehensive familiarity of software platforms and mobile technologies across the wireless ecosystem while developing an array of business relationships in the telecom space ranging from engineering to executive levels.

Through the confluence of several transformational technologies, he’s pleased to see digital health reach an inflection point in improving the quality of life for many, especially for those whose impoverished means does not give them a voice or allow them the same access as those more fortunate. The world is in the midst of unprecedented technological progress and to play a part in bringing that progress to those who are underserved is a privilege and an honor. Motivated by the adage that states when it’s in your power to do good, why not do it? GCF embodies an organizational channel to create a meaningful difference to address issues of access and connectivity in enhancing the lives of those who have been neglected.

In his leisure time, Stan enjoys spending time with his family along with global travel, investing in future technology and continuing education. Additionally, he’s an avid sports fan who enjoys going to professional basketball, tennis and soccer events. Having spent time in various cities, Stan currently resides in South Florida with his wife Nancy and their three children Cayla, Jared, and Marissa.