Grace Children’s


Skilled Negotiator, Problem Solver & Humanitarian

Laura Dubin is honored to join the Grace Children’s Foundation’s (GCF) Board of Trustees bringing her experience and expertise to the Strategic Partnership and Planning Committee, providing a strong foundation for her to contribute to GCF’s mission of improving the lives of children in need. As a skilled negotiator, problem solver and humanitarian she will engage these skills for GCF.

Laura is also a committee member of The Miriam Fund and Big Brothers Big Sisters New England. Laura’s role at the Miriam Fund includes letters of intent reader, presenter and site visit representative. Her role as committee member of Big Brothers, Big Sisters New England include but are not limited to, vendor procurement, event planning, and general corporate fundraising. As a passion project, Laura has funded four hard working, foreign  individuals who demonstrated excellent American values to secure citizenship. A mother of two college students and a wife, Laura enjoys time with her family. For fun, she can be found on deep sea fishing expeditions and horseback riding as time allows. 

Laura’s interest in GCF and the Children’s Resource Exchange (CRE) stems from her love of children and her devotion towards connecting people to serving a higher purpose of those in need and those who provide.